Swachh School - Swasth School 28/11/16

Our school celebrated Swachhta Divas as there is an urgent need of cleanliness in our country. To promote cleanliness a special assembly was conducted by class X on the theme Swachh School- Swastha School on 28th November 2016. The assembly started with Gayatri Mantra followed by a song on cleanliness- Swachh Bharat ka Irada kar liya hamne. Varshika and Vibhuti recited sholka and thought for the day. Devanshi singh delivered a speech on cleanliness highlighting the ways in which we can keep our surrounding clean. To display the careless attitude of people towards garbage and cleanliness a street play was staged wherein students showed how people litter their surroundings and then blame others for the sufferings and diseases resulting from their anti-social attitude.

After that the school took a pledge to keep their surrounding clean. Thereafter Principal Ma’am addressed the school emphasising the need of being clean themselves and keeping their surroundings clean. The assembly ended with the National Anthem. At the end of the day students participated in the cleanliness drive by the cleaning their classroom, cupboard, benches and blackboard.

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