Visit by Joint Commissioner of Police Mr Saurabh Singh

A team of Gurgaon Police, led by the Joint Commissioner of Police Mr Saurabh Singh, visited our school on February 02, 2016 on the occasion of ‘CAR FREE DAY’ which is observed every Tuesday. The team members rode their bicycles along the stretch from Mahavir Chowk to our school and were welcomed by Chairman Sir, Capt. JS Yadav, who had also arrived on his bicycle. Mr Saurabh Singh interacted with the students and advised them to inculcate habits of cycling, walking and using public transport.

Chairman Sir appreciated the efforts put in by the Gurgaon Police in promoting a Car Free Gurgaon, at least on Tuesdays. Our students displayed banners and boards which carried the message of saving our environment from pollution caused by vehicles.

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