Earth Day Celebration on 22.04.16

Earth Day…. A step towards spreading Greenery

“Nothing in Nature lives for itself, living for others is the rule of Nature.”

Earth Day is all about appreciating the uniqueness of our planet with its incredible biodiversity. Earth Day was celebrated in our school with great zest and enthusiasm on 22 April, 2016. The programme started with the pinning up of the Earth Day badge on Pro Chairman Sir by the future guardians of our Earth. Through speeches,poems, dance, songs and skits children expressed their views on ecological balance in order to sustain life on Earth.

Children had fun doing various art and craft activities related to Earth Day. They made cards, impressive daily useable things by using waste materials and informative and colorful posters.

Pro Chairman Sir lauded the efforts of children and urged them to plant a tree and take care of them as their own family member.