An Indelible Jaunt

“Gaon ki Thandi Chaon Jahan, Pahunchein Nanhe Paon Wahan”

On December 5th ,our school organized a picnic for Classes I to IV to Pratapgarh Farms, which is a mirror of local village - its life, features and cultures. On arrival to the picnic spot, all the students accompanied by their teachers received a royal welcome and salutation by camel and horses. They enjoyed various fun filled activities; Camel Ride, Tug of War, Burma Bridge Crossing, Trampoline, Tractor ride etc. The icing on the cake was the DJ music on which students moved and grooved.

The excursion provided an enlightening opportunity to students to participate in rural creative activities like Pottery, Weaving and Threshing Grain etc.They also learnt about farming, the most important occupation of India.The visit not only left the children joyful but enriched with the rural culture. It was a remarkable and fun filled experience.