Shiksha - Ek Gyanrupi Kiran

“Lets us provide education to all and make a Nation that will never fall”

The  Annual Function of Classes I and II was held on November 28th. The programme started with an artistic dance to pay obeisance to Lord Ganesh.  A musical dance - drama on the story of “Swarthi Danav” gave the message that children are those small flowers who make this Earth blossom like a beautiful garden, they are the epitome of honesty and truthfulness .The performance ended with the song “Bacche Man ke Sacche”.

Class II had the audience spellbound with their enactment on Moral Stories and a play “Sab padhe, sab badhe “. The function came to a close with an enchanting song “Aao hum sabko padyein, Apne desh ko aage badayein”

The Chief Guest, Ms. Sunita Budhwar,  Principal, Gyan Devi Public School, praised the efforts put in by the students and the children and also encouraged them to work hard.