Old stories are like old friends. You have to visit them from time to time.’

The students of classes III and IV took us to the world of evergreen stories through their musical drama ‘Timeless Treasures’.The wise grandmother played by Ms Poorti Bishnoi emphasized the values such as unity is strength,honesty is the best policy and inhumanity never pays. Then the audience got a glimpse of the palaces of Raja Krishnadevaraya and Akbar - the great. The students had the audience enchanted with their performance. The ‘Sufi Dance’ and the musical orchestra played with the help of waste materials left everyone spellbound. The talented students weaved their magic through their exquisite performance which was applauded by the Chief Guest, Ms Bimla Rao, Lecturer (Retd), Rajasthan University, Chairman Sir and all the distinguished guests and parents.