Glide Over Challenges(15.09.18)

On 15th September 2018, a workshop was conducted by Next Education at RPS, Sector-50. The key speaker was Dr Veena Raizada. The workshop was based on the elements of classroom management which mainly focused on Content Management and Conduct Management. It was a great learning experience, as it helped the teachers to adopt various techniques to make the teaching and learning process more efficacious. There were many topics which were covered in the workshop such as – Understanding Classroom Management, Components of Effective Classroom, Teaching Styles, Learning Styles, Managing Classes with Large Number of Student and Management of Inter-Personal Relationships. To elaborate her viewsdifferent kits were provided to the teachers to showcase their creativity. Workshop concluded with this thought that teachers should comprehend the child’s mind and try various ways to reach their level to enlighten and assess their knowledge. The main approach of education should not be emphasized only on the evaluation of child’s ability but also on quality learning. It was a very enriching and enlightening session for the teachers.