Secondary School (IX– X)

Curriculum for Classes IX and X

Scholastic Domain: English, Hindi, Maths, Science and Social Science

Co-Scholastic Domain: Music, Dance, Physical Education, Art and Craft, Computers and Life Skills


Scheme of Assessment:

Being a dynamic educational institution that believes in keeping pace with changes in the field of education, we have been following a system of Evaluation as suggested by CBSE.

Assessment is done as per the CBSE guidelines. Both Scholastic and Co Scholastic areas are assessed.For assessment of Scholastic areas there will be  three unit tests and two Term Exams
Term I - Unit Test 1 + Unit Test 2 + Term 1 Exam
Term 2 - Unit Test 3 + Term 2 Exam
Grades will be given as per the 8 point grade scale given by CBSE.
The Assessment for the whole year will be as follows:-
TERM 2 EXAMS                         -----     80 marks
INTERNAL ASSESSMENT        ------     20 marks
Internal Assessment will comprise the following -
-> Unit tests and Term 1 Exam                    - 10 %
-> Note book maintenance and submission   -  5  %
-> Subject Enrichment Activity                     -  5 %
Subject Enrichment Activity in each subject is as follows -
 English and Hindi          - Speaking and Listening Skills
 Science                        - Practical Lab Work
 Maths                           - Maths Lab Work
 S.Sc.                            - Map Work and Project Work

Scholastic Domain

Students will be awarded grades on a 8 point scale as per the following scheme:

Marks Range
















32 & below





Co-scholastic Domain

For Co-Scholastic areas and activities ,grades will be given as per the grading scale given by CBSE.
For the holistic development of the student, co- curricilar activities in the following areas be carried out and graded term wise on a 5 point grading scale for classes IX and X.The aspect of regularity , sincere participation ,output and teamwork will be the  criteria for grading in the following co-scholastic activities:
(a) Work Education - Work Education refers to skill- based activites resulting in goods or services useful to the community.
(b) Art Education (Visual & Performing Art)
(c) Health and Physical Education 

Discipline :- The students will also be assessed for the discipline which will be based on the factors like attendence, sincerity,behaviour,values,tidiness,respectfulness for rules and regulations,attitude towards society, nation and others. Grading on Discipline will be done term-wise on a 5 point grading scale.



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