School Swachhta Campaign- 1/11/15 to 15/11/15

A Swachhta campaign was organised from 1st November to 15th November ' 2015. Students took initiatives beyond the classrooms. A session was conducted by doctors on Health and Hygiene. Swachhta monitors visited classes to share information about maintaining cleanliness of the school premises, toilets and personal hygiene. Five points checklist about using toilets were put up inside the toilets.

The active members of environment club went in different classes with posters and slogans related to toilets and gave information about working of toilets, different parts of a flush system, types of toilets used in India and methods to maintain the flush system. Children made posters to bring out message on sanitation. 

A skit on sanitation was presented by the students of Literary Club. Their skit depicted the need of healthy habits and hygiene for keeping good health. Students of class VIII held rally to spread the awareness among masses on cleanliness.

Students learnt that cleanliness is not a right but it is a duty. They took a pledge that they will not litter their surroundings and also not allow others to do so.

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