Workshop on Personality Enhancement and Self-Presentation

Academics will take you to the top but it takes a fine personality to remain there.

A workshop on Personality Enhancement and Self-Presentation was conducted by Ms Charmine Shackleton Godino for the students of classes VI – X. She started the workshop by highlighting the path to success in one’s life. She stressed on the need of having good social skills and etiquette in every aspect of life. Students need to show etiquette when they socialise in public or while having a telephonic conversations. They also need to improve their self-awareness by adopting a refined approach rather than being crass. She emphasized in the outer as well as inner personality, being well turned out and also being a good human being. She focussed on the use of magical words like thank you, please, sorry, excuse me and good day. These words do not cost anything rather bring a smile on somebody's face. She also explained the social graces required in greeting, condolence and dining. The workshop concluded with motivational words of Principal Ma’am. She laid emphasis on the importance of using courteous and polite words in our language.

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