CELEBRATION TIME( Dussehra) - 27/09/2017


Vijay satya ki hui hamesha

Haari sdaa burai hai

Seekha humnein Shri Ramchandra aur Gandhiji se

Karni sada bhalai hai

To make students well acquainted with their cultural traditions, the joyous festival of good over evil – Dussehra and Gandhi Jayanti was celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm on 27th Sept’17. The celebration showcasing the rituals and traditions of Dussehra and National festival – Gandhi Jayanti was filled with fun and fervour. Our endearing tiny tots were seen in high spirits relishing each moment of the festival by reciting rhymes, devotional songs and bhajans. The teachers observing the enthusiasm in children enacted a skit depicting the story of Dussehra and reiterated the message of victory of good over evil. Classes from Nur – UKG crafted various objects such as Hanumanji’s mace, bow and arrow, headgears / crown and effigy of Ravana. The students were also made aware about the principles of Lord Rama and Bapu’s unwavering values and strong conviction which are still very relevant in today’s world.