Let’s Have Fun While We Learn - 20/07/2017

Let’s Have Fun While We Learn

Tell me and I forget

Teach me and I remember

Involve me and I learn


A workshop was conducted by Mrs. Meenakshi Khurana, the resource person from KPL on 20th July’17 in our school. The purpose of the workshop was to focus on Activity Based Learning or Play way learning. The key feature of the workshop was to use child friendly, educational aids to foster self learning and allow a child to study according to his or her aptitude and skill. Mrs. Khurana stated that the day should be divided into three parts i.e. child initiated play, teacher guided activities in small and big groups. A curriculum planning must be followed in order to avoid delay in daily work of the students. To enrich the teachers further various activities related to language and mathematical skills were performed like alphabet making kits, blocks, toys, beads etc. Stress was laid on the holistic development of the child. The workshop concluded with a story which taught “1 pen, 1 book, 1 child, 1 teacher can change the world”.