Evacuation Drill 15/02/17

An unexpected occurrence or set of circumstances requires immediate action to minimize adverse consequences to people, property and environment. An earthquake is an unwanted natural disaster which can occur without prior indications. To deal with earthquake a mock drill was held in the school on 15/2/17. The drill started with an alarm. Students practiced DROP, COVER & HOLD till the alarm rang. When the alarm stopped, students along with the teachers evacuated the class rooms. They followed the assigned routes to evacuate the building. After evacuation the students, teachers and all the other staff members gathered in the school playground. Differently abled students were escorted by their co-students. They also reported to the playground with in the time. The drill was successfully conducted in the time limit and 4 minutes 19 seconds. The process was aimed to make students ready to reduce the loss of lines and property damage during a calamity.