Camp Farmstead - 2016 - 10/12/2016

                                                Camp Farmstead - 2016

Outings and picnics are an Integral part of Co – scholastic activities. Taking cognizance of  this essential part, our school in association with Rocksport organised a recreational adventure trip to Camp Farmstead, Gurgaon on 10th December 2016, for classes I and II. On reaching the camp, students were divided into various groups like Ninja, Rockstar and Tigers, After taking breakfast, students team as well as teachers team were involved on plethora of adventurous sport activities like -  Artificial wall climbing, three tyre hurdle, commando net, tug – of – war, crocodile pit, pottery making etc. These activities not only rejuvenated the mind and body but also instilled the principles of sharing, teamwork, interaction and discipline among the students. The most wonderful part of the day was when the students and teachers rejoiced themselves on the foot tapping music of DJ. The school students returned full of happiness and joy that was reverberating on their glowing faces.